TECO New Product Presenting
Geared motor
Technical Data
  • Teco gear reducer motor is produced according to IEC60034-30, in IE3 and IE4 high efficiency level to save power. It is available for us to supply all reducer at various frequency and voltage per requirement.
  • Teco gear motor adopts the common standard of motor industry. The outline dimension is compatible with most of gear motors manufactured by German company, in good versatility and easy in mounting.
  • Our parts have compact structure, high impact resistance, stable running stable and low noise, long ifetime, high reliability.
  • BR37 ... BR167 Reduced backlash option
  • BF37 ... BF167 Reduced backlash option, BF parallel shaft helical gear motors are the perfect solution when space is limited.
  • BK37...BK187 Reduced backlash option, it can be used for accurate positioning control, High-torque, wear-free operation
  • BS helical-worm gear units are more efficient than normal helical-worm gear units.
  • Bearing and silicon steel sheet from famous brand company. Standardized design, high quality material,advanced processing equipment and perfect .quality system, all of them ensure motor in high efficiency, low vibration and reliable safety.
BR Helical Geared Motor
Size : 17,27.......167,A total of 14
Motor power range : 0.12~160kW
Gear unit reduction ratio : 1.3~289.74
Multi-stage gear unit reduction ratio : 90~27001
Output torque : 50~18000N.m
BF Parallel Shaft -Helical Geared Motor
Size : 37,47......157,A total of 10
Motor power range : 0.12~200kW
Gear unit reduction ratio : 3.77~276.77
Multi-stage gear unit reduction ratio : 87~31434
Output torque : 200~18000N.m
BK Helical-Bevel Geared Motor
Size : 37,47.....187,A total of 12
Motor power range : 0.12~200kW
Gear unit reduction ratio : 5.36~197.37
Multi-stage gear unit reduction ratio : 94~32625
Output torque : 200~50000N.m
BS Helical-Worm Geared Motor
Size : 37~97,A total of 7
Motor power range : 0.12~22kW
Gear unit reduction ratio : 6.8~288
Multi-stage gear unit reduction ratio : 110~33818
Output torque : 90~4200N.m
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